A Map of Absences - Lisa Jahovic


“A Map of Absences” showcases an expressive diversity in which sculpture dissolves into photography and jeu d’esprit. Photographs by Lisa Jahovic on 24 plates come alive with Sally O’Reilly’s flash fiction.

Jahovic’s monochromatic still life series, battling the stillness with potential scenes imbedded through the process of hole puncturing everyday objects, is a study in the expression of the form, when a high percentage of a shape has been extracted. Material might be lost, but it is supplemented with new history and storytelling, maybe subverting the intended use of the original object. Each sculpture and photograph are fabricated together, the works becoming anthropomorphised, weaving notions of narratives of how the form as a protagonist could have warranted this end – consumption from another? Bullet wounds? Compulsive behaviour?

Jahovic is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London. Her work is underpinned by an ongoing exploration of anthropomorphism – using photography, film and sculpture to portray conceptual and often poetic ideas. And Sally O’Reilly writes for the page and makes videos and performances with formal play and narrative complexity. She worked as a freelance art critic, contributing to international art magazines and writing for galleries worldwide, before turning to fiction and hybrid forms of writing and making.